DJ: The Finale!!!

Hello my name is Kamran. You probably read my other article and if you didn’t see my last article then why don’t you? Anyway, lets continue.

“HELLO!!” “Anybody there?” DJ asked.

Then he got a phone call from his mother on his futuristic phone which looked a bit like this:


Anyway It was a voice. “Hello?” asked DJ nervously.

“GGIVE MMMEE THHEE GEEEM OORR THEREEE WILL BE SERRRIOUSUSS CONSEQUENCES! IFFF YOOUU TEEEEL TYHE POLLLICE SSSSAAAYYY GGGOOOD BBBYEEE TOOO YOOUR FFFFFAAAMIILYYY!! COMMMME ATTTTTT 12:45!!!!!” The phone ended. Now, DJ didn’t like his family but he didn’t want them to… well he doesn’t know but he knew it involves his family. Then at that moment in TIME ,12:43:96 seconds, a fly landed on the gem. When DJ tried slapping it he looked at his phone 12:43:96 seconds!  “It should be 12:44:00” thought DJ. He looked next to him and saw a man but he was not moving. “Hello!” he said. He looked around,everything has stopped! He drove home in his car and then he looked inside his house. There was three gunmen, wearing masks ,pointing guns at his family, except everyone were moving. “SON!!” they shouted,” Save us!!”

Aaaaah. We have been expecting you David Johnson” said the three gun men.

” How do you know my name?” asked DJ.

“Just give us the gem and do not tell anyone about this; then we will set your family free.” they said. Then DJ walked towards the men and said, “Ok.” But then at 12:43:96 seconds he said,” tell me who you are.” They took off their hoods and said in unison, “We are from the cyber-intelligence robot agency.” They were robots! “If you’re so intelligent then why did you let me come at 12:43:96 seconds when you said on the phone to meet you there at 12:45?” he asked.

“wwelleeel errrrmm……. error system malllfunctioning-” KAAABOOOMMM!!!!!!! They exploded then DJ slapped the gem and time resumed in this weird and wonderful world. As for the family…  well you see they were arrested for breaking the new law.. Be a good family!

Thank you for reading my article GOODBYE!!





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