Do Not Touch! Part 1

The Ghost Awakes Part 3

Today another adventure with Martha and Thomas. Today they are going on a school trip to The British Museum.

Martha woke up first, but because of noises she was making by opening the door, it made Thomas wake up and fill with excitement. In a flash they were dressed, washed and ready to leave.”Are you excited Martha?” said Thomas as he was putting his shoes on.

“Very! I am especially looking forward to seeing the Ancient Greek artefacts. We’ve loved learning about them in class, haven’t we?” Martha was positively bursting with excitement.When they arrived at school they were one off the last people to get there, so they just about made there names in the register. Within minutes they were in the minibus and were setting off from OLV and were on there way to London.

After about two hours, they had pulled over to the museum and were entering the packed lunch room, and were being given instructions from Mrs Fitchie, their year 6 teacher. “Everyone get into groups and each of you will be given a map, then you can wander free but be back at 3 o’clock” Immediately they got together and were getting their maps.

As Martha and Thomas made their way to the Greek mythology section they had to pass the Egyptian, Roman and Celtic areas. In the Egyptian area they saw the Rosetta Stone. At the Roman section they saw lots of lots of things that a boy had found in a field. E.G. Coins .”Interesting,”said Martha.

”So cool,” said Thomas excitedly.

“Boring!” said the other groups.At the Celtic section they saw Gold Brooches and metal weapons. Their eyes were wide with wonder and excitement. Finally, they reached the Greek Exhibit.

This was the bit what they had been looking forward too. The Greek temples,statues, the parthenon and all that other good stuff. But what they really wanted to see, was the Elgin Marbles that were off the Parthenon; especially the horses head! As soon as they entered the room that had the head in, they ran straight to it. “Thomas, should I touch it?” asked Martha “No-ones looking, go ahead,” replied Thomas. Slowly she reached her hand forward and put a finger on his nose. Suddenly, the room started spinning and then, there was no room at all. They were stood by a building with columns . “This must be the parthenon and the last of the statues are being built” said Thomas.

“That means it’s 432bc” said Martha.





The Ghost Awakes Part 3


The Ghost Awakes Part 2


The Ghost Awakes Part 3

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  1. Martha Davies | Nov 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm | Reply

    Superb article Thomas! Very well done I am looking forward to read the next article by you! Keep up the good work because this story was brilliant 😀

  2. Really good article Thomas. I am about to read part 2

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