Do not touch! – The finale By Martha

The caveman stood looking down over Martha and Thomas a grim smile spread across his face. Thomas gulped and nodded to Martha. At that moment the pair sprinted as fast they could out of the cave. They kept on running, running, running and did not stop!

“Is that caveman back there still chasing us?” questioned Thomas still panting for breath.

“I don’t think so.” replied Martha as she looked behind herself to check.” The pair were in the woods where birds tweeted, woodland creatures would scuttle along the floor and autumn leaves rustled. Thomas and Martha decided to make a camp as it was becoming late. Thomas gathered some wood and twigs for the campfire whilst Martha  got two large blanket from inside her loaded backpack.  Once they had collected all of their resources, the pair began building a tent. Eventually, they completed it,  began roasting some marshmallows and read a book before later heading of to bed.

In the morning, Martha and Thomas woke up instantly and knew somehow they would have to get back home so they backed their bags and set off once more through the dismal, sinister forest. The couple walked for what seemed like miles and miles until they reached two large quartz columns, both of which had a note on them. The first note read ‘ if you touch you must beware because if you do what lays before you could be your worst nightmare.’ The second note read ‘ if you touch you must be lucky there really is no need to worry.’ Martha and Thomas both glanced at each other and knew which column they would choose.They put both  of their hands then lent forward and touched the second column. At that moment the world around them began spinning and soon enough the couple had disappeared into thin air..

Out of the blue, Thomas and Martha slowly appeared into view and were facing their school (OLV). They both smiled at each other then went up to their friends and hugged them. The pair both new how this had happened and told their friends their story.



About the Author

Martha Davies
Hello everybody my name is Martha D I am 10 years of age and love Fab Mag! My Best friend at Fab Mag is Thomas and Afsana ! Anyways hope you enjoy my articles, oh and also check out a story series named the Ghost Awakens! Bye!

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