Easter egg decorations

Top 3 Easter egg decorations

1.Unicorn egg

First paint a boiled egg white. Then roll up a piece of gold paper for the unicorns horn. Place gold stars and artificial flowers. Finally draw black closed eyelids and eyelashes.

2.Scubadiver egg

First wrap two rubber bands any colour of your choice and stick a straw of that colour to the side of the egg. Lastly draw eyes in goggles with permanent marker and your done.

3.Cactus egg

First thing to do is to paint all of your boiled egg green. Afterwards get a yellow or black permanent marker and draw spikes around the green egg (make sure it’s dry). Finally get a piece of pink felt and cut it into a flower shape; stick it on top of the egg.



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  1. I really like the Scuba diver one Tiannie.

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