This term in year 6 we have been learning about Egypt. I thought about getting ahead by learning in my class and researching about it at home or in Fabmag. Here is what I have found out so far.

Egyptian main roles; nobleman and farmers are the usual roles. The farmer has things more precious like an amulet and food that they make themselves. They make their own bread because they cant afford to trade for it because they have got nothing to trade. The nobleman can afford more like a banquet of bread and a Lotus flower which servant girls offer to other guests in the Inn. Nobleman have linen sheets where the farmers have coarse sheets. They had things to wash themselves in like a basket and they brought water from the Nile to fill it up and the water was cold and they had to share it. Now we have a shower or a bath with warm water and soap and they did not.

Clothes; the nobleman has clothes made out of linen and leather and the farmer has linen and reeds. kohl is a type of liquid like eyeliner that you apply to your eyelids only the nobleman can afford it compared to the farmer, the farmer instead has a amulet.

Egyptian food; the main food in Egyptian times was bread. bread can make a banquet and a banquet is 3 pieces of bread and to make bread we need wheat and to get wheat we need crops.

Pyramid facts; pyramids are made from a type of stone called lime stone, lime stone can be found in caves or pyramids. pyramids are usually found in Egypt and can be up to 139 meters high and they can be up to 85 years old. 

Magic, healing cream is a sort of cream that magically heals the skin. cream can sooth your skin heal your skin and it can grow flowers. it was made out of olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and divine love. 

Sphinx, it is made out of limestone like the pyramid and also smaller and a protector of the pyramid. it is 19 meters high and 20.21 wide. it is a monolith carved into a cat.

Cats, cats were mummified in large quantities and very very rare and only posh people like pharaohs could get them. a deity mut is a really posh cat because it is not normally for normal people but it is for people that needs company. 

Names for boys, Abanoub, Abrax, Kamazu, Ammon, Bast, Aten, Hager, Aharon, Jabare and Jabari are popular names in ancient Egypt. they all have certain meanings as well like Abanoub means ancient king others mean different things.

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