So, my Eid started off by coming back from my first ever residential school trip from Halton Gill. As soon as we got to school we got our luggage and sat down. Then our parents came to pick us up. As soon as my mum came I ran into her arms. My sister Sara was with her as well and said she had got me a surprise I laughed and asked what it was and she said that it was a giant rainbow lolly. I got really happy but guess what? she wanted something in return. So I gave her my powder stress balloon. As soon as I got home I ran into my Dads arms. DONT TELL MY MUM BUT I AM MORE OF A DADDYS GIRL THAN A MUMMYS GIRL. I went into the backroom to see my baby sis Maya but she was asleep. I got changed and my Mum gave me £5 and my Dad gave me £10. Then, I went to my Grandmas which is like next door to me. As soon as I walked in everyone cheered for me and gave me money. I made £60 altogether. Then we all sat down to eat. Once we had eaten, I went home to eat the tropical lollies I had bought from Grassington while I was on my residential school trip. I went downstairs and got my leftover school trip money and headed to the shop to get some chocolate. As I came up from the shop I saw my baby sister Maya. I spent some time with her and my family we took pictures. To end this lovely day I told my family about my trip and showed them pics of me on twitter.

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