Endgame was out on 25 April 2019 united kingdom. Endgame is the third most expensive film ever made. Thanos has successfully snapped half of the universe.

Captain America and Iron Man made friends. The Avengers went back in time to get all of the infinity stones (the space stone, the reality stone, the power stone, the mind stone, the time stone and the soul stone). At the end, Captain America gave his shield to an Avenger. There was a new hero that helped the Avengers defeat Thanos. Iron Man had a kid. What do you think will it end with a sad end or a happy end? What do you think will happen in the end? Do you think Thanos will be beaten? Do you think there will be more Avengers movie? The infinity stones are very strong but Thanos destroyed them all. Endgame has made around  2 billion pounds. Do you like Endgame or not?

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