Enjoying Christmas


When you hear the Reindeer,
You know Santa is here,
Delivering your presents,
Through your Entrance,
He puts them under your tree,
After he can roam free.

Once you wake up in the morning,
Waking up your parents without a warning,
Rushing downstairs,
To see the presents there,
Opening them up,
You asked for a pup,
That is what you got,
Then you put it in the dog cot.

Then family comes,
Eating the biscuits there is only crumbs,
Eating Christmas dinner,
Cracking the Christmas cracker to see whose the winner.



1 Comment on "Enjoying Christmas"

  1. Aarzoo Hussain | Dec 21, 2018 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    Amazing ,excited,thrilled!

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