Everything or…nothing at all

It was an ordinary winters morning and the sun was blooming over London . A young girl had a surprise that was awaiting her that would change her life forever…


Saturday 3rd January 1934

Dear Diary,

My name is Lucy Broadly and I am 12 years old. This is one of the most exciting months of my life as I am turning thirteen. In fact, this very diary was a present from my long lost sister. It was attached to a letter that read…

Hi you may not remember me, if you don’t I am Margaret your long lost sister. This is news  to me as I only found out a couple of years ago that I had a sister, I am all grown up now and I live in my own house but it is very lonely and I would like you to come live with me please write back as soon as possible.

But I never got to read the letter because on my birthday it disappeared I’m very curious of what it said but it  probably just said happy birthday anyway. That night I decided to ask more about my real family. My adoptive dad died in a tragic car accident 7 years ago after that mother told me that I had another family she told me my parents had died but still had a sister who was living in Denmark and that my parents sent me to London to keep me from the dreadful dangers of the war.


Once my adoptive dad offered to take me to see my family but my mother wouldn’t allow it.  I wondered why she wouldn’t let me go but there must be a good reason. I was so curious  of what the letter said that I searched up in adoption records Margaret Broadly and it came up with an address that was surprisingly familiar.So familiar that I had to observe for myself.

The next morning I asked  mother  if I could go over to Mrs Humphry’s  house for afternoon tea . Of course I wasn’t actually going for afternoon tea I was going going to ask questions, questions I never thought I would ask.

On my way to Mrs Humphry’s house I noticed something sticking out of the post box I couldn’t help but notice that it was addressed to Margaret Broadly but it was in Mrs Humphry’s post box I slid it into my coat pocket then turned around and warily walked back home. As soon as I reached the door I ran upstairs and slammed my bedroom door and sat down staring at it the ideas of not to open it and to open it tossing around my head. I opened it and  I couldn’t believe my eyes. The letter read:

Dear sister

I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time but she knows I told her on her birthday you should tell her the truth  I’ve done my part and your responsible for her I mean you are her mother.

your sincerely Agatha Snooten

This meant that Mrs Humphry was my mother and my mother was my Aunt.This unbelievable news was so shocking I stormed into the kitchen where mother was doing laundry she knew by the expression on my face that I knew, knew that she was lying to me all my life I turned around and ran up to my room . No one knows how long I was up there for .  Then I heard the doorbell ring I slowly opened my door and peeked through the gap I saw Mrs Humphry, I didn’t  know wether to tell her that I stole her mail or not  but I told her and she wasnt too pleased.


The next morning I went over to Mrs Humphry’s house to see how she was doing she was locked in her bedroom with her head in her hand . I sat down beside her I put my hand on her shoulder and assured her that I wasn’t angry I left the room and exited the house. I ran up to my room and looked at the letter.  I wished I could rip it up and scream away my guilt,but as much as I tried it didn’t work . Soon after, I cried myself to sleep,  no one noticed that I had stopped.  But someone noticed and that was someone I didn’t want to notice.

Ever since nothing came up, I went to live with my mum my real mum and visited daily to my aunts .We made a truce never to tell anyone about this ever and that we will take it to our graves, and so it never came up since and we lived an awkward life but at the same time a happy one as well.

Well that was my story and I’m sure as the years pass there will be more but for now we’ll stick with this one.





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  1. Harriet Mclaren | Oct 20, 2017 at 2:24 pm | Reply

    Great story! I like the the letters!

  2. Great story like it about the war

  3. J McGuinness | Nov 16, 2017 at 7:49 pm | Reply

    Great story.

  4. Molly this was so great. you have always been a talented writer

  5. It was a bit funny and really weird.

  6. good story 😀

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