Evil Poppy the fish

First things first Poppy was my fish that had unfortunately ate all the other smaller fish in my tank. So I am going to write a short story about her.

It all started on a Saturday when I went shopping. My mum said later that day “Tia you’ve been very well behaved this week so how about I buy you a treat?”. She walked off in the other direction leaving me

with my grandma. A few minutes later mum came back holding a plastic bag full of water and a grey and red fish? That fish just happened to be Poppy. We took her home to put into our fish tank with all the other fish. Such as Blibby, Kelly, Bubble and finally Bob.

At first poppy was perfectly fine until she had her first kill. I woke up, did all my usual morning stuff such as getting dressed, brushing my teeth and more. Finally I went downstairs to feed the fish and noticed Kelly floating on the bottom of the tank.  I felt very hurt and unhappy but I got over her quite quickly. Days and days went by as fast as flipping pancake, on and on and on. Until there was no more fish in the tank except her.

Before long we got really bored of just having one fish but we knew she would kill the others if we put them in the same tank. So we decided to give her to my Grandma. We gave her my tank (since she didn’t have one) and I bought a new one however this one was bigger and even had lights inside of it! We also bought some new fish called bobble and bubble but that’s another story. Anyway…. my grandma didn’t really like seeing poppy with no friends (no one else in the tank) so she bought some more.

Later that week. Death. Death. Death. She had killed all the other fish. My grandma was very sad and unhappy but….. One morning my grandma woke up not feeling very well, washed out the tank, and did all her morning stuff. While she was washing out the tank …. ! She forgot to take poppy out. She had died….


Thank you for reading my article! I’ve had allot of fun writing this and sharing it with you, Also comment down below what you think was the best part. Byeeeeee!

4 Comments on "Evil Poppy the fish"

  1. Fatimah Atsham | Mar 28, 2017 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    That’s really. I like the part when Poppy eats all of your other fish

  2. J McGuinness | Mar 30, 2017 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    I wasn’t expecting the ending. I really enjoyed reading about Poppy, Tia.

  3. What a greedy fish!

  4. You have made it amazing and you have used some good words and you have thought about it very hard

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