Exotic Flowers

The Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic flowering plants. Its also the largest plant out of all the flowers in the world. It contains approximately 28 species, all found in southeastern Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Phillipines.

Jade Vine

The Hade Vine is a rare woody vine native to the tropical rainforests of the Philippines. It’s a member of the Pea and Beans family but it is classed as a flower.

Parrot’s Beak

This is a beautiful flower classed as exceedingly rare since 1884. It is believed to be completely extinct in the wild, but a few individuals might have survived.


This is a flower that takes grows on trees. It was discovered in 1860, at which time only three specimens were found.

There are many more rare species of flowers, loads that I haven’t mentioned, loads that are still out there waiting to be discovered…


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  1. Wow, the Jade Vine flower looks amazing that’s definitely my favourite one!!

  2. This is brilliant.I never knew there were flowers like that!

  3. All of these exotic flowers are amazing especially the Parrot’s Beak. I never knew there were these kind of flowers out there.I wish I could see one in real life.

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