Fab Mag meeting 1

Today 10 students from St Josephs came to OLV for the first Fab Mag meeting of the year! The people from St Josephs (my school) were: Summer, Reeno, Harry, Dylan, Cara, Khotso, Matthew, Hannah, Ruby and me! The people from OLV are called Siraj, Emma, Saliha, Lizmia, Adam, Hollie, Jessica, Annlea, Attif, Sancia. In the first meeting we discussed how we  use Fab Mag! Emma, who already knew how to use Fab Mag, showed us how to use it so did Mr Waddington.

We finally finished finding out how to use Fab Mag and got on with using Fab Mag. We had a lot of trust this year as me and everyone else were editors, we were the only editors!

My favorite part was typing up this!






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