Facts about butterflies you didn’t know


  1.  Butterflies can’t hear, but they can feel vibrations.
  2. They taste with their feet.
  3. Female butterflies are usually bigger and live longer than male butterflies.
  4. Butterflies are divided into two main groups which are called skippers.
  5. They can’t fly if they’re cold.
  6. Their eyes are made out of 6,000 lenses.
  7. Some butterflies lay their eggs on a special type of plant.
  8. An adult butterfly only lives up to 3-4 weeks.
  9. Butterflies drink from muddy puddles.
  10. A newly emerged butterfly can not fly.
  11. The fastest butterfly can fly up to 30 miles per hour.
  12. Most butterflies are found in tropical rainforests.
  13. Butterflies can live anywhere from 2 days and 11 months.
  14. Adult butterflies have a short life.

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  1. Graet job it was very… interesting i didn’t know these facts before.

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