Facts About Donkeys :)

Today I’m going to  do facts about donkeys! I am going to show pictures, facts and even a website that tells you more about donkeys!

Here is 11 facts about donkeys:

.Donkeys don’t like being kept on their own although a single donkey will live quite happily with goats.

.Donkeys are normally kept in herds.

.They are members of the Equidae family. Horses and zebras are also in this family.

.There are three different types of donkeys: wild, feral and domesticated.

.Donkeys normally eat plants, but if they are in a different part of the world (E.G the desert) they will eat desert plants.

.Sometimes, donkeys breed with horses and zebras to make offsprings.

.Domesticated donkeys don’t all have the same size. Some are big while others are small. Normally they weigh around 400 to 500 lbs. The weight is all to do with how they are bred.

.Male donkeys are called jacks and female donkeys are called jennies or jennets.

.Wild donkeys are only found in deserts and savannahs in northern Africa. Domesticated donkeys are found all over the world, but prefer dry, warm areas.

.When a donkey mates with a zebra there offsprings can be called: zebroids, zonkeys or zeedonks.

.When a boy donkey- a jack -mates with a female horse, the animal they make is called a mule, but when a female donkey- a jenny – mates with a male horse, they make a hinny.

The link to the website (The Donkey Sanctuary) is below, but for now here is some pictures of DONKEYS!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thank you for teaching me all about donkeys Erin. Sounds like you certainly love them!

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