Facts about Monks

Monks are people that practice religious asceticism by monastic living. They only have two meals.(breakfast and dinner) They are silent unless it is necessary. Monks have daily meeting where if they have a confession, they have a punishment. There are two different types of monks.(lay brothers and singing monks) Lay brothers clean poo and when they wash their hands and feet, they use clean water. Monks can have a break and during their break, they have a bath or get blood sucked.(if they do get blood sucked, they can have red meat)They wake up at 2 am. Monks are not aloud to own anything and their lives are very simple. They have a abbot.(a head teacher) All monks wear two habits.(a sleeping habit and a day time habit) They don’t wear shoes.(They wore furry boots) To talk, they use sign language. They only eat things that they grew.(like peas) Each year, monks only have four baths.







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  1. WOW!!!!!!! I learned a lot about monks.

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