Facts About My Cats

I have 3 cats which all have different personalities and colours. I love them and I want you to find out about them.


Rodney is the oldest out of the 3 and he loves to play! Just make sure you don’t leave any bits of string around because he will try to eat them. On the inside he is soft and loving but on the outside he is strong and brave. I wouldn’t mess around with him because he’ll scratch you!


Leo is the middle cat and he loves to run around! He eats the leftovers that the other 2 have left and pounces at you for no reason. When he’s inside he snuggles up to you and keeps you warm but when he’s outside he play fights with any cat he sees!Be careful because he’ll catch you!


Daphne is my cat and  I love her the most. She doesn’t like to be picked up but she does like to be stroked. When Daphne is inside she’s a scaredy cat but when she’s outside she turns into beast mode and attacks everything she sees. Sometimes she brings unpleasant gifts into our garden e.g birds, frogs and rabbits. Don’t leave your pet outside because she’ll get it!

The Fur Colours

Rodney’s colours are dark grey, light grey and white. He’s got lion like stripes ( dark grey) and a white neck, paws and patches on his tail. The rest of his body is light grey.

Leo’s colours are black, grey and white.His pattern is a tortoise like pattern (grey) and he has patches of white around random areas of his body. The rest of his body is black.

Daphne’s colours are black, ginger and white. Her pattern is the same as Leo’s but with different colours. So for the tortoise pattern: ginger , patches of white and the rest black.

I hope that you enjoyed reading facts about my cats!

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Maisie Shaw
Hi I am Maisie. I'm 11 years old. I like dancing, being with my bffs, clothes , shoes , shopping, pets and most importantly Fabmag. I don't like spinach, being told off , annoying people , bullies and being filmed. My bffs are AMAZING!

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