Farrell Williams and the Charriot Thief.

Look, I didn’t want to be a cyclop. Unfortunately that’s how it went. I can’t blame my caring mum, neither can I blame my unusual dad. They are not really at fault you see. If you think that being  a Cyclops is cool, well think again you could put yourself in danger…I am scared. I’ve never seen my dad[not in my whole life], after all he is a God… My life has been awful. I’m not saying this to scare you, but mark my word if you do get scared or you spend a life as a Cyclops don’t forget I did warn you…

My name is Farrell Williams. Throughout my previous odd years I’ve been expelled from 4 different kinds of schools. Now I have to spend my life in a boarding school for troublesome kids.
Am I a troubled kid?There’s this teacher [who doesn’t know the meaning of descend and ascend and she is called miss Lorette]  that really does bores me because whatever she says she repeats it again and again and she never stops. b Instead of listening I decide not to listen and I just mess about. Later that day, I was stuck in a huge wardrobe which is twice the size of my headmaster, it had stickers posted on it by some daft idiots and it also had a handle . It came to my mind that I should stay in the wardrobe and don’t ask for help because everyone will start screaming as if they are in a zoo. The school which I go to used to be a majestic king or queens palace;it is now a school for troublesome kids. When I first entered this hideous school I felt like going back home first of all it smelt as if a skunk had let out it’s gas, but really it was me.

The next day the weather was dreadful. We had to go to on a tour with a  few friends of mine one named Henry and the other one was  called Timothy. Scared, frustrated, terrified, I sat in a bus near Henry. On the way there an ugly girl[named Claire Wilson] kept on throwing her food on Timothy repeatedly. Timothy was an easy target. In fact she wasted nearly all her food. Do you waste food? I hope you don’t. I felt like pushing her , but I remembered if I do something wrong I will be expelled. Timothy is like more than a friend to me he is like a brother to me. I remember having a family, but it was snatched from me and I remember seeing my brother and my mum die in front of my own eyes. I still remember that and I still remember the idiot who killed them. Don’t worry soon I WILL SEEK REVENGE!!! ”We will Farrell and don’t you be upset I WILL HELP YOU…” whispered Timothy.

After a hour or so we arrived. Gracefully,  ducks walked to me and took a huge piece of bread out of my hand. ” let it go…let it take it Farrell. It’s only hungry,” said Mr Campanna. Unfortunately he needs a wheelchair because of a car crash. By the way he is our Language teacher and I always wanted to do well for him. Suddenly, I saw something a bit like a silhoutte, but it looked more like a figure a shadow even. I took a closer look at it and it was a she… the principal of Matannath School. She had huge evil dark eyes which were as big as the sun, a pointy nose and a strict personality. She wore glasses which are twice as big as her head. I stepped back. I was trembling with fear. I was frightened. She looked down at me and said “You boy, come with me…”
I was absolutely shaking. She took me into the hall and showed me her ‘servants’ which looked like the principles dogs. I was not scared but I kind of found it funny. Whenever she looked at me she would give me the evil,annoying stare. I ran as fast as I could into classroom 6 following me was the principal but far behind her was Mr Campana. I saw a bright light from behind me and I could see the true figure it wasn’t the principal [Louise] she was an raven. It had a beak the same size as Louise’s nose, feathers that were prickly and filthy claws. She swooped trying to scratch my precious body and I remembered her killing my family and there with me was Timothy… I couldn’t let her touch Timothy he was the only person I had. She tried stabbing me with her sharp claws, but that’s when Mr Campanna threw me a black pen I clicked it once and it turned into a sword. With no time to lose I swung the sword leaving back blood… Mr Campanna, who is the hero of this adventure, had saved my life. For some reason Louise[ who is alive no more] used to like Claire Wilson. One thing is that ugly brat Louise is the one who killed my Family!

”Just one more to go,” I said ”they won’t be able to escape my adventurous plan, I’ll get you!” There was not long left before lunchtime only 4 minutes remaining and when it finally came I didn’t eat anything because there was nothing nice to eat. On the left hand side of me Timothy was munching on the food. I just kept thinking about my plans. after what happened I completely forgot about what happened and as soon as possible I ran out with Timothy [of course] and set on my adventure. I could see Harvey -the guy with blonde hair and sat across me-a bit suspicious and scared… After a few seconds he was gone, I tried following him from quite a distance so then he doesn’t see me. That’s when he took the chariot and ran off. I remembered that Helios the god of sun had lost his chariot. With no time to lose I finally caught up to Harvey and pushed him off the chariot. I grabbed the rope.Leading it back to Helios people started complaining and they told the god Helios that me Farell Williams am the one that stole his  chariot. Later that night Helios had gave us no sunlight so I thought that if I talk to the Helios and maybe he’ll understand. I tried a lot. It wasn’t working because Helios kept on interrupting in everything I said. After a long time of explaining what is the truth Harvey was eventually in jail. Now I can spend a good time with my brother Timothy with no one disturbing us.

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  1. Eileen Thornton | Nov 4, 2016 at 4:37 pm | Reply

    I really enjoyed your story Kaab. It showed lots of imagination!

  2. You took A LOT of detail from “PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF”. Still, it was good. Well written.

  3. Well done Kaab Ahmed you have done such a great article on Farrell Williams and the Chariot Thief.

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