Finn`s Christmas Caribbean cruise

Christmas is a very special time and people do very special things to celebrate it. This year I went on a very special journey. Here is the story of my Caribbean cruise.

Day 1

After staying in a hotel near Manchester Airport, we flew for 7 and a half hours on a Dreamliner aeroplane to Barbados, where we met our home for the next 2 weeks, a Cruise ship called Azura.

Day 2

After sailing through the night, we arrived at Antigua. We went to the valley church beach, where we relaxed and built sandcastles all day. I also joined the kids club.

Day 3

After spending my first day in Antigua, it was time for the first sea day of the cruise. I was so excited, because I could spend all day on the ship exploring and at the kids club. In the evening, I had to dress up smart because it was formal night.

Day 4

Early in the morning, I woke up with a smile on my face because I was in Amber Cove which is in the Dominican Republic . It was fantastic because there was a water park with water slides which I went on a few times. The weather was very warm not what I’m used to living in England.

Day 5

I arrived in the tiny island of Grand Turk. As soon as I looked out of my window, I could see the beach, which had crystal clear waters. I quickly got ready. When I was finished, I went for a small walk which led to the gangway which led me off the ship. Then I played on the beach. Suddenly, I realised that the ship was so close, if you swam out not so far you could touch it.

Day 6

On day 6, I was excited because we were at sea again! This meant I could spend all day with my new friends at the kids club, which was great!

Day 7

After the second sea day, we went to St Kitts, an island that has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other! On the beach, we were just next to a reggae bar, so there was lots of reggae music to listen to as I dug in the sand!

Day 8

On day 8 we went to the first of the 2 French speaking islands on the cruise, an island called Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is often called a butterfly (papillon) because of it’s shape – it looks like a butterfly! After spending another day building and swimming on the beach, we said au revoir to Guadeloupe…

Day 9

…and Bonjour to Martinique, another French-speaking island. We spent a nice time looking round a local market and buying souvenirs and talking to the stall owners. After we had done our shopping, we went to a very small beach and noticed that there were lots of French flags flying on this island!

Day 10

On Christmas Day, I woke up and opened my presents with family. Then I went to deck 15 to have a full English breakfast which was amazing. Then I went to the pool and played with my friends.
During the time in the pool me and my friends decided to go and play football in the sports area.
Then I went to the restaurant and had a five course meal which included soup starter main meal pudding then Christmas cake.

Day 11

There is something special about St Vincent – Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed there! Also the beach that I went to was special because if you take a ride on a boat you will see the hotel that Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow, stayed in.

Day 12

The next island is called Grenada which people also call the island of spice because you can get and smell all kinds of different spices. Also, when I went on the beach I went on an inflatable sofa which threw you about a lot as it was pulled along by a speedboat, it was lots of fun.

Day 13

St Lucia was so much fun. The reason why is that at the beach there was a massive waterpark inflatable in the sea which you could go on. I went on it for half a day but soon I had to go on the ship because it was almost five thirty.

Day 14

Sadly this was the last day of the cruise, which was really sad because it had been so much fun. However, it didn’t really matter because my last day was in Barbados. Straight away I went to the beach with it’s powdery white sand and I even got to swim with turtles and step on a real life shipwreck in the sea, which had loads of tropical fish in and around it!

I really enjoyed my Christmas cruise and would love to go back one day!

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