Forbidden Corner

Did you know that there is a mysterious wonderland hidden deep in the Yorkshire Dales? Welcome to the Forbidden Corner where visitors enter the park through a giant belching mouth to explore underground labyrinths, mazes, secret paths and chambers. The Forbidden Corner is a modern day folly. A folly is a man-made place designed by rich land-owners to impress and entertain their friends and families.

It will boggle your mind as you walk through a cramped tunnel into a tiny circular room with a crystal roof and five doors. One of the doors leads to a tunnel which takes you to a chamber with a giant mouse trap.  If you dare to tread on the mouse trap, it will make a loud slinging noise and a giant rat with crimson eyes will pop out and laugh at you.

My favourite part is in one of the chambers. A giant rat will tell you when you are allowed to go into a pub full of rats. Once inside, a chorus of rats sing a song warning you about a cat killing the rats by slashing them with its claws. The rats chant over and over, faster and faster,”The cat is coming, the cat is here, the cat is coming,  it’s here!”

Unexpectedly, a cat scarily pops up and screeches.

One of the scariest parts of the Forbidden corner is the mausoleum (a tomb), a terrifying experience sure to make you scream.  You are greeted by a slowly opening coffin with an incredibly scary ghost slowly appearing. After this, there is a row of coffins that you can look inside. One contains a real rotten skeleton!

A more relaxing part of the attraction are the two mazes made of plants in the folly. Each one has lots of sculptures and interactive experiences. There are statues of animals that will talk and sometimes squirt water as you walk by. Both have secret passages hidden in them leading to different places.

The Forbidden Corner is both dark and delightful. A place to enjoy and bewilder from the ages of eight to eighty!

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  1. J McGuinness | Dec 1, 2016 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    This article makes me want to visit the Forbidden Corner. I’ve never been. It’s sounds great Oliver. Great writing

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