Forest poem

Animals, woodland, creatures adore

Here at the forest we have it all

Pine, birch, oak and lots to explore

Mysterious hollows in the tree tops

Loads of birds and sometimes, maybe fox


Gliding squirrels swoop from the trees

Cheerful chipmunks loosen the leaves

They fall down onto the ground

And although the beavers think

They make no sound

Otters and the mink don’t live on the ground

They live in the lake down below

Next to the old willow



One day the owl said with surprise hoot hoot  my eyes my eyes

They glow orange when sad and yellow when happy

What a magic owl but don’t be dafty

Owls can fly and hoot upon the sky

But owls aren’t magic it can’t  be done

As the owls eyes lit up and shun



Oliver the otter played all day

Until a black bear came his way.

Huge, strong brave he must  seem

Well Oliver the otter had a trick up his sleeve

He grabbed the tree trunk and swung his feet around

Pretty soon the black bear was flat on the ground.


Nevil the Tasmanian devil crept around the stream

Looking to jump at the tail of a trout

As sly as he may be never to be seen

He does stand out when he opens his big mouth

To suck a snake or crunch  an insect

This carnivorous marsupial may bite at any time, no decline.





2 Comments on "Forest poem"

  1. i liked it because it rhymed, and why do you love squirrels so much?

  2. Lovely poem Molly! I loved all the amazing rhyming words.

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