Fred the Astronaut

‘There was a boy he was called Fred Wilson, he is nine and his dream job was to become an astronaut. Every day he would always tell his mother

“Mum! I wish I could be an astronaut! I could play on the moon with my alien friends Blip and Blop! I just know I’ll be there to see them”

“Tomorrow  its school Fred, and you know what that means?” In a happy voice

“Space day! I just can’t wait for the space tour!” He screamed


“Yes it’s time.” In less than half an hour he was dressed as an astronaut with big white moon ball and a flag with his name on it. He was obviously ready

“All right, you ready?” She said in a tired voice while yawning

“Of course I’m ready mum, lets go already!” He didn’t even take a breath


On the speakers in Fred’s class it said

“Hello class 5JB its the principal and tomorrow you’ll have to come with your suits again because there’s a COMPETITION! There will be a judge coming in and he will judge your costumes and the winner gets a free trip to the REAL LIFE MOON! But remember, tomorrow.” He clearly said . Fred really wants the prize

“Wait sorry, I forgot after the register you’ll go to the star centre!” They did the register wait they forgot Fred

“Fred Wilson? Good morning?”

“Oh sorry, Good Morning Mr Bookhead .” In a mumble. They coaches arrived outside the school so they had to line up and get out of the school on go in the coach. Fred sat next to his friend Max. They just played sweet and sour together on the way there. They arrived Fred’s mouth dropped open

” This is so BIG!” He was so amazed. They got of the coach and he went out of control. But he managed it he walked slowly into the place it was filled with star games a toy store and food well he wasn’t interested with the food. There was also a tour place only for schools so he was allowed to walk in. In the tour there was a man it said Sam on his name tag he said

” Hello kids! My name is Sam and I will give you a tour! About the star centre, you will see some models of planets and  questions and information. Lets go!” So they did, no one talked only Sam in the first room he said

” This is the model room. Where all the models of planets are. I’ve got a question. How many planets are they in our solar system?”

” I know! There are 8 planets in our solar system.” He said proudly. He was happy he knew that. The next room was the star room were they will show you about all the stars.

”  This is the star room! were we will show you about the stars. Does anyone know what this star is?”

” It’s The big Dipper!” Obviously answered by Fred. This the moon room were you get to bounce on the moon! [not the real moon] Everyone had to put there legs into this strap and they had to bounce on the fake moon. Then it was lunch time Fred brought his lunch he brought cheese sandwiches apple slices and a chocolate bar and a fruit juice. He ate all his food in five minutes so he could play in the space park. He brought £10 so he could buy something after lunch but he played in the space park. He played with the rocket ride because first ride was free. Then he played with the moon ball and played on the rocket slide. Dinner ended He went to the shop and bought a moon ball = £2 and  space drink= £1 and  light saber = £5 and a small gem for his mother £2. The tour finished it was 2:45 and they went back to school. He gave his mother the gem she said

” Fred, thank you sweetie.” She hugged him and they went home. he played with the ball all day and had his drink and went out and told his friends about the trip and they loved his story so they played space world. It was bed time

” Fred! Bed time. ”  So he went to his mum changed brushed his teeth but before he went to bed he told his mother that tomorrow he has to bring his costume again and fell asleep.


Today he got dressed brushed his and ate his breakfast and he went to school the judge arrived. He looked at us and he whispered the winner to Mr Bookhead. Fred was really scared.

“The winner is… FRED!” Fred’s head blew off.

The judge gave him the money for the moon trip. He was allowed to go home and go to the REAL SPACE CENTRE. He tolled his mother that he won so they packed and he went with his mum and dad. The people gave them free space kit and they were in the rocket. Fred never had such an experience a voice said

” Launching in ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… LIFT OFF!” They went off. The rocket was zooming to space it took hours to get to space. None of them really talked to them because they had to concentrate. and they got to space. Fred saw all of the planets but they’re going to the moon. they got to the moon in 18 hours but Fred was asleep. He woke up on the moon he said

” Oh my gosh. We’re on the MOON!” He was so happy he was jumping and walking on the moon. Suddenly they heard a rumble it was Blip and Blop! He said

” BLIP AND BLOP!” He hugged them

” Time to go back its been 200 English minutes” So they went back home and Fred told himself

” Today I was a astronaut!” Then he was home before he knew it but there was something in his luggage it was Blip and Blop! He had them as pets and he was the first child astronaut. Now Fred when he’s older he can be an astronaut! Now all he does is work on making a model of a big rocket but still plays with his toys. He is really happy in his life.


” Finally. My dream job. I’m so excited. It’s been 11 years.” He told himself.

” Know I’ll be on the moon for 5 weeks!” They set off. It took a while for them to get to the moon and he still remembered what he saw when he was 9. He looked at the solar system. He likes space. They landed on the moon and bounced around and he needed to burp but in space he felt sick. He had to go back into the rocket, get changed and come out again. He really likes his experience in space. They went back in the rocket and stayed in the rocket. It was just like home to him.

” Wow. My dream. This is so cool.” And he went to bed because he was tired.


He woke up and liked it. He had breakfast but the days went fast. Before he knew he realised that it was 1:00 PM! He went on his phone but there wasen’t a service [ He was angry] He would rather be home right now. He Left earlier than the astronaut’s but he was there  for a week. He came out of the rocket and drove to his house. He told his mother why he came early and his experience and his mother answered

” It’s okay Fred, You did like space but you’d rather be home.” But it said on the newspaper that someone named Fred did well on his first trip so they are giving him a reward! £1000! For doing the best he could in his FIRST trip. Normally people don’t even last a day! On their fist trip. So tomorrow he goes to the bank get his money and go home! Fred was so happy!

THE NEXT DAY SCENE: Fred’s house

Fred woke up get dressed and ate and it told him to be there at 12:00 So he did he watched TV. And he drove to the bank and collected his money and gave to his mother. They found an article at the bottom of the newspaper and it said Fred is a TRUE astronaut!

The End















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  1. Najibah Khatun | Oct 20, 2017 at 2:10 pm | Reply

    Wow Saj! This story was amazing I really enjoyed it.

  2. Wow Saj that was mind blowing I never thought you could write so much I really enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Molly Hardy | Nov 6, 2017 at 6:32 pm | Reply

    that was a really good story and really long well done

  4. J McGuinness | Nov 16, 2017 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    Well done Saj. I’m glad you are on the Fab Mag team.

  5. Saj i loved it,I loved the part with blip and blop I want an alien as my pet.

  6. I though it was really good because we went on a trip about space.

  7. Well done Saj you are a really talented writer keep up the good work.

  8. I like that SR. nice story I like it.

  9. Saj it was really good and I hope you could tell me more about it.

  10. i still can’t get over it, it’s so good this is my 2nd time reading it!!!

  11. WOW Saj that was really good. It took me about 10 English minutes to read it. I never knew you could write so descriptively. I am just mind blown. you should go on stories got talent even though thats not a show but you should make it up.

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