get healthy; for kids and adults!

If you want to get healthy or be more healthy, this is the article to read! you can become healthier on your own or as a family(some as the whole family) just by following these easy steps to success!

1) Sit at the table together. its as easy as that. this may be a myth or the truth, but it does work for some. if you and your family sit and the table together while you are eating, this will help you with a balanced diet, and it won’t even feel like a balanced diet! this will only help if you have rules though. No television, game consoles or mobile phones. INCLUDING ADULTS! This action will help your family because you and your family will all be eating the same food, and the children will eat more of their food because if they don’t, there will be consequences! Make sure the consequence will be a good one though, like ‘no consoles for a week’ or ‘you are grounded for three days’. These consequences will also go by the rules, so if anyone breaks the rules, they’re done for!

2) Include children in activities such as walking the dog, washing the car or going on a bike ride. they won’t see these activities as exercise, just fun! These activities will also get them motivated for more ‘fun’ and they will want to carry on. if you are not the type of outdoor family, and like indoor fun, then you could do different kinds of things such as: musical statues, dancing and even charades keeps you healthy! you can also do these things when it is raining.

3) Ban ‘sweetened’ drinks from the home. Persuade children and adults to drink water instead. Fizzy drinks, fruit drinks (apart from 100% fresh juices that are low in sugar and calories), sports drinks, milky drinks with added sugar are high in calories). Children tend to drink fewer sweet drinks when they are not available all the time in the home, but, this doesn’t mean they are banned all the time. You could have the occasional sugary drink on celebrations such as: birthdays; Christmas; new years day; or just when the kids have been well behaved.

4) Make sure that the whole family eats breakfast every day. Children who eat breakfast are less likely too overeat during the day.  If time is an issue, choose speedy, yet healthy items such as jam on wholemeal toast, or porridge and fruit. If you choose less healthy items such as chocolate cereal or peanut butter on toast, make sure the children and adults have a piece of fruit afterwards.

These are just a few ways to  get healthy. There are many others to get fit, and most of them are really fun. These are my own, fun ideas that I came up with, and I hope they help you a lot.


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HI, my name is Libby and i love literacy, it is my favourite subject at school. I also like animals such as cats and horses and i also love my friends and family.

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  1. This is really useful for our PSHE Lesson thanks a lot. 🙂 – Haider 6AS St Josephs

  2. Martha Davies | Sep 30, 2016 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    This helped loads Libby well done

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