Going to Tenerife!

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Monday;  First of all we went to Aqualand, a famous water park in Tenerife, and had a lot of fun although I was unfortunately not allowed on most of the slides since I was too young. On the other hand, I had enjoyed playing in the “wave pool” however mum didn’t come in, she was ordering cola for us both. Later on that day mum payed for me to do this dolphin experience.When we got to the dolphilarium we had to kneel on a ledge in the pool and we learnt how to train the dolphins, feed them and even take care of them. At the end we took a picture with the dolphins and we got to take it home.

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Tuesday;  The next day we went to Loro Parque ( a famous zoo in Tenerife ) there we saw penguins, parrots, monkeys and lots of other crazy animals. At Loro Parque there were also different shows such as the Dolphin show the Sea lion show and the Orca show! I preferred the Dolphin show the best since I love dolphins! and they can do all sorts of fascinating tricks! In addition, we bought  a picture of me and mum stood in the “Jungle Walkway” which is a long path full of towering branches and greenery .

Wednesday; On Wednesday me and mum didn’t do anything special, instead we went down to the pool and bought a float to play on. As a matter of fact, we bought a large stingray for me and a colourful hoop for my mum. I kept on falling off my float which didn’t look pretty. Every time water got in my eye I kept my eyes shut tight sticking my arms out for the towel. Later that evening, I went up to the hotels reception and got a little blue bracelet. The bracelet proved that I was part of the hotel and was allowed to go in the slide area! The slide area was basically a children’s pool with slides loads of slides in it though its open from 11am till 6pm. The slide area was definitely my favourite part of the pools.

Thursday; Late that morning,  me and mum went to Jungle Park! another famous zoo in  Tenerife. There me and mum got to walk through the “Lemur Walkway”, a small path with lemurs all around you! The lemurs were unbelievably cute and i kind of wanted to take one home however that wouldn’t have been the best idea. We also saw more MORE shows! such as the birds of prey show, another sea lion show and the penguin show. The birds of prey show was my absolute favourite since this massive bird landed on my head.

Friday; The last day we went to a massive castle and I cant believe I stayed awake since it was from 9.00pm till 12.00pm. On the other hand, the first thing we did was get a picture with the king and queen which was VERY embarrassing. I had to smile at a camera while everyone was watching!! Then we went into a massive room with loads of tables and chairs and sat down. In the middle there was a fascinating horse ring where an incredible jousting tournament was held. Later that night at around 11.00pm we watched a drifters concert which was extremely funny since loads of people was dancing on the stage. Unfortuanatly, me and mum had to go back to the hotel and the next day we went back home.

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  1. Eileen Thornton | Oct 3, 2017 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    This is a great article, Tia. Makes me want to go to Tenerife. Perhaps there’s a job in the tourist industry in your future!

  2. i really want to go now i looks really good and i wish i lived there for all my life but did the big bird actulally go on your head in the zoo did you see elephants and crocadiles [maybe not]

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