Golf is a very fun sport once you play it a few times. It is not really a good sport for impatient people, because if you hit a bad shot you will get annoyed and the chances are you won’t play as well throughout the whole game. A club is what you hit the ball with. These are some of the clubs.

Driver: Is used for driving the ball up the course.

Spoon: The same as wedge, but for a longer distance, because the spoon is more curved therefore it would go higher.

Iron: There are a few irons and their use is to just get the ball further up the course.

Wedge: A  wedge is for chipping the ball like if you were in a bunker (the sand).

Putter: A putter is for if you are on the green (the area around the flag) and you hit it gently so it goes in the hole.

The way you stand is shoulder width apart and bend your knees a little bit and you always keep your head down till you have hit it, because it will effect your shot.

You hit the ball off a little thing called a T-peg. That lifts the ball up so you can get a much better hit. You get different sized ones depending on what club you use.

The aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots as possible. Each individual course has something called a par and if on a course the par was par 5 then it would be a longer and harder course. If it was a par 3 it would be a short and easy course. If you did it in 6 shots it would be a “bogey” that’s one over par then it goes to double bogey then triple bogey then to +4 upwards. However if you did it in 4 shots that’s called a “Birdie” but if it’s two under par it” an eagle and then an albatross.

There are lots of famous golfers like: Tiger Woods, Danny Willet, Rory Macilroy, Justin Rose and many more. they are all professionals. There is a big golf tournament called “The Masters” where lots and lots of golfers compete against each other. The previous winner was Danny Willett.

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