Gravity Falls

Watch Gravity Falls first if you want to it may give you an idea of what is going on. Gravity Falls is a very mysterious town the United States of America, Oregon. It follows the wild adventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines who live in California but went to Gravity Falls for a summer break. Hopefully you will enjoy this article about Gravity Falls.

Dipper and Mabel

 Lets begin with Dipper Pines one of the many main characters, he is a very odd person when he is around new people who he has only just met and teenagers and tries impressing them which can lead to him doing many things that are illegal. Dipper is also very intelligent and discovered journals that uncover Gravity Falls’ weird happenings and the reason why his adventures began with his sister. Dipper is a complete opposite of his sister who doesn’t always think through what she is doing and may put peoples lives in danger but will always work in the end. He has saved the world so may times and has caused minor problems such as releasing a creature that shape-shift.

Mabel: Mabel is the twin of Dipper and has also helped Dipper save the world but sometimes her emotions get the best of her. She almost makes friends with people almost instantly and can sometimes ruin peoples lives an example is Blendin Blandin. She is one of the main characters who has a criminal record(Dipper, Gruncle Stan, Wendy). Mabel is a person who will do anything even the craziest things you could imagine; Mabel has eaten sherbet sweet that is illegal is more than 30 countries and went crazy.

Mysteries Solved

Gravity Falls is a very weird town with many Easter eggs that not many people have figured out until Alex Hirsh the producer of the show, made a show at the end of Gravity Falls called between the PINES. In the single episode he covered many things no body has seen or clues to other episodes. Here are some of the odd things that nobody has known about for a very long time so lets begin. In season one of Gravity Falls a short clip is taken of a man writing out the journals and next to him is a ink pot where a rainbow is reflecting onto the pot leading to the discovery that was the author’ room. In  a separate episode a rainbow reflector is scene in the room which is the evidence. Another solved mystery in the episode “The Love God” whilst Mabel is running through an 70s fair, behind her there is a set of letters that create a phrase, can you figure out what it is? A final solved mystery is that in the first episode of Gravity Falls a gnome who is thought to be a zombie, the group of gnomes that formed him he actually has jam around his mouth because the gnome queen died so the gnomes eat jam for her death.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article. I hope you watch Gravity Falls if you have not already.

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