I go to a gym called workouts and that is what inspired me to write this.

In the area I go the machines that I use are there are : Rower, Bike, Treadmill and the Crosstrainer(there are some other things which I do not use and do not know the names to them). The things that are there but not machines that I use are : swiss balls, exercise mats, round wooden exercise sticks and stairs(for stair runs) (like I said earlier there are some other things I do not use and do not know the names to). Something everyone has to do when they go to a gym or exercise is to warm up. The main warm-up at my gym that I know of is 5 minutes on a treadmill at an inclination of 5.

Because I am under 18 I go with my mum. Also you change routines every 4 months.

People go to the gym to: lose weight, to be fit and to tone muscles.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are : you live longer, there is less risk of having a heart disease and you would have less chance of getting illnesses.

 Gyms also keep people motivated.

A man that you might of heard about called Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the strongest men on earth and the reason for that is he went to a gym called Golds gym. He is that strong he can bend iron.

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I like trucking and farming. My favourite truck is a Volvo FH 16and my favourite tractor is a Case IH Qaudtrac.

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