Haunted Orphanage.

One morning, a girl called Amelia moved in to a house with her family. Amelia was only 8 years old, her dad was 38 and her mum was 36. Amelia did not like the way the new house looked. It looked old and dilapidated but it was just recently built. 

Mysteriously, a year later Amelia’s parents died of a shooting in a night club in Cardiff. This results in Amelia staying with her Uncle Alfred, she didn’t really like him very much because of the things he did to her mum and the other two sisters; he used to spit and sneeze all over them on purpose.

Amelia’s uncle immediately sent her to an orphanage named St. Johns Orphanage in Australia. According to the internet and books this place is haunted and has only got 19 or 20 orphans in the whole building. Her and Alfred could not afford to get an abroad trip so they had to travel by paddle boat. The pair set off on their long-lasting journey across the oceans and seas.

After a everlasting ride, they made it. Soon after they disembarked the boat Alfred called an Uber for a drive to the orphanage.

There it was, St. Johns Orphanage in all of its misery. They exited the taxi and approached the building.

Inside it smelt gruesome and disturbing; it smelt like someone had put a bottle of milk on the window for a year. Amelia and Alfred signed up for the register then went to the lunch area. At the other end of the room was the headmaster. Mr Philips. He had been locked up three times because of murder. On the wall was graffiti and something that looked a bit like dung or maybe unpleasant dirt.

Amelia sat down and ate her gruel on her own table with nobody around her. The headteacher sat down with her and laughed. 

“Whats so funny?” enquired Amelia gently.

“Your parents were so stupid try to fight me,” said the headteacher.

Suddenly he disappeared into nothingness. Amelia started hearing weird noises. She thought it was her parents. She ran for her life and tried to get out of the door. The headteacher came across with an axe and…

It was a dream all along.

“Mama!”, Amelia shouted

” What sweetheart,” whispered her mum trying not to alert the Dad.

“I had a bad dream, a..n..d you and papa died and I nearly died in the orphanage” Amelia.

“Don’t worry”, said the mum., “just go back to sleep honey”.


























































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