Hilary The Hedgehog

Everybody thought Hilary was a good for nothing hedgehog. She ruined events with her spines, and she was clumsy.

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One evening, as the sun began to rest on the grassy hills, Hilary sat by the sparkling lake, sighing.

“Maybe I am useless…” muttered Hilary.

Suddenly, there was a splash in the lake. Jimmy, Hilary’s friend, who was an otter, popped up.

“Hi.” said Jimmy.

“Hi..” murmured Hilary.

“Hey, why do you look so down?” asked Jimmy.

Hilary usually told everything to Jimmy, but she felt she really didn’t need to say this to him.

“Nope, it’s nothing.” said Hilary, trying to seem happy.

“Umm…okay.” said Jimmy. “See ya.” He dived into the shimmering waters once again. Hilary then shuffled back home, feeling ashamed of herself.

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As sunrise came, Hilary woke up in her bed of leaves. She padded around the grass and looked for some worms to snack on. Jimmy leaped to Hilary.

“Hilary! There’s some kids destroying our habitats!” he exclaimed.

“Huh?” she yawned.

“It’s true! Everyone’s habitat is getting crushed!” yelped Jimmy. He dragged Hilary by the paw to the centre of the woods. Every single animal was fleeing for safety.

“See?” pointed Jimmy to the kids. It was Hilary’s time now. But all the other animals glared at her disapprovingly. It put Hilary off on the idea that she was going to the save the woods.

Hilary didn’t care though. She swung herself at the kids, spines out. She eventually hit one of the kids, and they ran away in fear. Hilary looked back at the animals, fearing they would still think she was useless.

A sudden whoop of cheer rippled through the crowd of animals. Hilary blushed furiously, and twiddled the grass. She felt SO happy!

The moral of this is: Don’t think someone is useless. They might save your life!

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  1. Martha Davies | Jun 10, 2017 at 1:29 pm | Reply

    Well done well written 😀

  2. Hey this is a bit like the election Hillary is Hillary Obama is Jimmy and Trump is the person who said she is useless.

  3. I love that story it is arsom it is a great story because it tells you that you don’t think of your self usles.

  4. awww cute well written and well discribed.

  5. i really like this article because it has a headjog in it and i like how she reacts 🙂

  6. nice story and the hedgehog is so cute.

  7. Afsana, you have an amazing article. Also, check out my article called “The day of the unlucky boy.”

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