History of netball

Netball was played all around the world and still is it was very popular and mostly played by women.

  • Netball was first played in England.
  • Netball came a year after basketball.
  • Netball includes two teams with seven players in each team.
  • Did you know that a player can only hold the ball for three seconds?
  • In England, netball is the largest female sport.
  • If you play netball you have to always be 3 feet away from the player who has the ball in their hands.
  • The Australian national team have won the championships 10 times.
  • The Australian national team is known as the Diamonds.
  • The Jamaican national team is known as the Sunshine girls.
  • The New Zealand national team are known as the Silver Ferns.
  • Netball was created in 1892.
  • Netball is played on a court that is the shape of a rectangle.
  • The netball is divided into 3 parts.
  • The netball balls are normally made out of leather or rubber.
  • A game is played in 4 quarters they all last 15 minutes each.

At school when I normally play netball the main three passes are overhead, over the shoulder and chest-pass there are many other passes.

Netball is one of my favourite sport.

Do you like playing netball?

I hope you like this article thank you for taking your time reading this.

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