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Then you have definitely come to the right place!There are a lot of facts here you might not of known before.

Horses are herbivores, like zebras and rabbits. They are quite intelligent creatures,and also have better memories than elephants,although evidence suggests that elephants have a longer memory span.



Horses could be regarded as similar to humans,though they get very easily scared.Having one for a pet is a huge responsibility,the need to be properly cared for as they are very affectionate(like us!)Horse hooves are made from the same protein as human finger nails and hair.They also have bigger eyes than any mammals on land,which gives them almost 360 degrees vision.


 Male horses and female horses are a little bit different.For example, male horses have bigger teeth than females.The male horses are called stallions;female horses are called mares;young male horses are called colts and young female horses are called fillies.


There are many rare breeds of horses, but the most rarest is probably the Abaco Barb.They are extremely rare horses and are almost extinct.They used to live on Abaco Island in the Bahamas,but sadly,due to the hurricane Floyd in 1999,the amount of Abaco Barb houses have reduced to only one  mare.

Abaco Barb

Abaco Barb

Did you know…

There were no horses in Australia until 1788.

Horses can sleep both standing up and laying down.

Domestic horses have a lifespan of 25 years.

A 19th century horse named ‘Old Billy’ was said to live 62 years.

Horses have 205 bones in their skeleton.

There have been domestic horses around  for over 500 years.

Sadly,many domestic horses are stolen out of pastures every year to be used in the horse meat trades.When Calafornia banned horse slaughter in 1998,horse theft rates dropped 34 percent.This inspires us to fight against cruelty to animals.

For more information, visit -cruelty

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  3. Salihah, I love your article. It’s really sad that there is only one more mare in the Abaco Barb breed. Maybe you could write about local stables next time as well.

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