how people celebrate christmas

People celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born.people celebrate by  give presents to each others .people decorate their homes in different ways like a star on the top of there tree some people don’t put a star on there tree people put balls on there tree .they make food like sprouts,roast,turkey.On Christmas people make snowmen and play  with snow balls.people visit family and friends join up with friends and Australia Christmas comes in the summer people put trees in there homes and at the top of the tree there is a star.people make lists of what they want for Christmas. people celebrate Christmas by making a list of what they what for Christmas and they give it to Santa. 2018 Christmas is on the 25th of December people celebrate Christmas by going out and have diner.people celebrate Christmas by going to Santa and ask him for what you what for Christmas.

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  1. Bradley Foulds | Dec 15, 2018 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    Well done.

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