How plastic pollution is destroying our world.

How this has happened

Years pass by, and more plastic is made. But what most don’t know, is most important. The plastic that we recycle, 93% of it drops into the seas, and drifts to greater waters killing millions of animals every year.

Is this dangerous?

As more and more microplastics fall into the oceans, more animals die. Not only sea creature’s but also animals living on land die, from thinking it’s food. Even the largest of animals die such as whales and sharks. How? When fish eat particles of plastic, bigger fish eat them, then the biggest fish of all eats all the fish but also the plastic particles that those fish ate. Not only do the fish eat tiny pieces of plastic, but also plastic bags. A whale washed up on shore, without any chance of movement. The people seeing this thought it was just stuck, but every time they put the whale back in the water it just came back onto shore. After a while it unfortunately died, so the people there, cut open the stomach ofm the whale and found over 200 plastic bags stuck.

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How we can help.

Even though plastic doesn’t dissolve, we can still get rid of it. Even though most recycled products fall into the oceans, you can re-use everything. You can make wonderful arts and crafts using plastic bottles and sticks, you can also make a bunch of flowers, or even if you have a pond you can lay a few of these here.

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  • Reusing  all our plastic bottles we can save thousands of animals from dying.
  • We can create wonderful thing with plastic.
  • You can even save money from reusing bottles instead of throwing them away and buying more.


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  1. Some great tips on how to reuse plastic Nikola. We must look after our planet.

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