How to look after a kitten

This is how to look after a kitten/cat.

I have a kitten myself and it is a lot of work but it is filled with laughter and joy. My kittens is very adorable and cute. I love her very much.

The first thing you need to have is a suitable home for your kitten because if you don’t your kitten will not be happy.

The second thing you need is perseverance because you will have to love your kitten every day and if it is naughty you will still have to love it.

The third thing you need to have is food and water because when a kitten is really tiny it will drink milk, but when it gets bigger, it will start to eat cat food and drink water. When a kitten gets big enough to play outside it might bring back a mouse but don’t be scared as mice are harmless to cats.

The fourth thing you need is a good environment around your house because if your kitten escapes the house, like mine did, you don’t want it to get accidentally hurt or even killed.

The fifth thing you need is some toys for your kitten to play with because if it’s not allowed to go outside your kitten will be able to play with the toys inside so it won’t be bored.

The sixth thing you will need is a big house because if your house is really really tiny the kitten will feel trapped especially if it’s not allowed outside.

The seventh thing you will need is a very loving heart because if your kitten doesn’t feel loved it will become very sad and upset.

Many animals in a day get killed because of animal cruelty and I want to help stop that. If you’re considering getting a kitten or a cat make sure you’re up for the responsibility and that you have a loving heart.


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