How to stay safe on the internet!

Today I will be telling you some facts on how to stay safe on the internet.

  1. Don’t accept friend requests on social media from people who you don’t know.
  2. Play on games for your age because there could be violence or inappropriate behaviour on games older than your age.
  3. Keep your social media profiles on private.
  4. If one of your friends added you as a friend, ask them before you accept because it could be someone else.
  5. Make sure an adult supervises you on social media.
  6. Make sure your devices are on child lock so you can’t find rude things online.
  7. If you find something rude online, don’t show other people just click off it and tell a trusted adult.
  8. If you receive any hate or threats don’t listen to them because they can’t hurt you.
  9. Don’t bully others online because you could hurt their feelings.
  10. Don’t give out your personal details.
  11. Don’t ask strangers to meet you in real life because they could be someone completely different to who you think it is.

Thank you for reading my article, my best friend Leah helped me write it.

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  1. Lewis and Macey | Jun 5, 2019 at 9:12 am | Reply

    These are very useful facts to help me stay safe online.

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