How we do Christmas at Our Lady Of Victories

In Our Lady Of Victories we some times do a Jumper day that means we all were Jumpers and Toy Day(when you bring a Toy in).Then we go to class and do Christmas activities like in French we might get some word searches to do with Jesus.  We have attendance and two classes have a cinema day and have popcorn then all the classes go on the bouncy castle.Then it is Lunchtime in the Cafeteria the Dinner Ladies  we get served the Dinner Ladies put stickers under some plates and whoever has a sticker on it you get  some Sweets or chocolates .For dinner we get some Delicious Chicken with some healthy Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes.For pudding we can choose between a Chocolate Log or some Ice Cream ,mm I would pick some Ice Cream .On the tables next to us are Christmas Cards written by the Dinner Ladies and there is Christmas Crackers and inside them is a Toy.After we go to assembly and we all sing hymns to our audience.Then right at the end of our assembly our head teacher reads out the golden child.Every teacher picks one child and writes them in the the golden book ,that’s my favourite bit.At the end we all get sent home withe some delicious chocolates.This is my favourite time at Our Lady Of Victories Our Christmas concerts are coming soon they are going to be great!


I hope you have enjoyed this!


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  1. Bradley Foulds | Dec 15, 2018 at 4:00 pm | Reply

    Well done.

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