Hummingbirds are small, colourful birds who live in the Amazon Rainforest. They fly SUPER fast and the wings hum quietly when they fly! Here is a Hummingbird:

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They’re like RAINBOW birds!

What do Hummingbirds eat?

Well, they actually eat small insects and flowers, but what they mainly eat is nectar from flowers. You see, their beaks are quite thin like a straw, and they just drink out of them. That’s actually quite smart! In winter, they eat spiders, bugs, beetles and insects stuck in sap of trees.

Are there different species/types of Hummingbirds?

In fact, there are lots, such as the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, the Oasis Hummingbird, the Marvelous Spatuletail (I’m not even making that up) etc.

What do Hummingbird nests look like and how do they make it?

Here is the Hummingbird nest:

Image result for hummingbird nest



It’s smaller than a penny!

So, Hummingbirds weave twigs, leaves and sticks together. They also use spongy fiber and spider silk to keep it all into place. The nests gradually get bigger as the young grow. ( That is, if the Hummingbird actually lays eggs)

Can you keep Hummingbirds as pets?

Although the Hummingbird is very small and colourful, you cannot keep them as pets because:

  1. You can’t just magically go to the Amazon and catch them.
  2. They are very fast and they might just fly away.
  3. They are wild birds. Leave ’em alone!
  4. It’s illegal to even own one.

Can Hummingbirds harm you?

Yes, they can. They could poke you in the eye. It is known that if you wear red, they will not hurt you whatsoever. There has been very few cases of Hummingbirds hurting people. They also hurt other Hummingbirds.

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