I love year 5!

I love year five! Mr Palmer is such a funny and cool teacher. We have had a lot of trips like about five already! I never knew school could be this fun! Sometimes I chat a lot because year five is awesome! If Mr Palmer is reading this I want to tell you something, I know I talk a lot to my friends at the wrong time, that’s true but you did say that in parents evening I have great grades! I’m happy after hearing that. I’ve always wanted to swim, and then I realized you go swimming in year 5! My head blew off like a rocket! I’m not really that good at swimming but I can swim backwards, even in the deep end! Now I’m friends with all the boys plus some girls. In year 4 I had about 25 friends. I love dressing up in the Victorian times! I dressed up with a flat cap, a white shirt [ wedding shirt] black trousers its easy to go in your school trousers, black socks  tucked into your trousers so basically long ones and that’s it. We went to quarry bank mill, it  was really fun. It was like museum to me, there was this giant wheel and I thought “wauter wheel!” There was a lot of workshops. Year 5 is the best! Year 5 is a great year and I don’t want to leave it. There mathletics and readtheory in year5. Read theory gives you reading tests and marks you r points to your teacher.

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