Is It Still Out There?

This is one of my nightmares, but I’ve added some things because it’s a bit short.

There was a war, not like a fighting war, more like an argument and the whole world was split up into to two sides. Nobody knew how it had started, all they knew was that they had to win. There was a legend that whoever had the ten swords would win the war. But there were tough challenges you had to face and all of the swords were hidden in pyramids. (The challenges were things like flying arrows and pits under your feet.) when all the swords had been taken. You just had to steal the swords of the other side. This may sound easy, but it was almost impossible. To make things worse are side was losing, 3 to 7. Our only hope was to run. We knew they would think that we go by airplane so we went by train. Where we we were going I did not know. How should I? I was just a young boy. But the other side found out! They were hot on are trail. The captain died and I was promoted in his place. The secretary was just telling me about how to be captain when the evil radar began beeping, very loudly. We didn’t need the radar to know that are nightmares were about to become real. CRASH! BANG! NOOOOOO! HELP M… ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The other side had sent in a a a… monster? This monster was far scarier than any monster you could ever imagine. It looked like a huge metallic bear with one eye and fists like giant hammers. What!? Robotic bees come flying in behind him, as if the monster wasn’t bad enough. Although they were bees they could sting an infinite number of times. Some people hid under chairs. (This wasn’t very helpful considering this guys’ finger alone could flatten mount Everest.) I didn’t care about being captain any more. I had to run. (You may think I was being selfish but everyone else was doing the same thing). I saw some of my teachers on the way. I did not dare to look back. I found a little room on my right and dashed inside. It was packed full with other people who thought they would survive-not! Nobody would survive from this monster, but I was wrong. The monster crashed into the room and stood still. We all stared at it. All except two of my of my classmates who were fighting over who got to hide in the bed. I was pretty annoyed that they might cause all of are deaths. The monster slowly walked out of the room. I almost fainted with relief. Then it suddenly jerked its’ head back inside the room. I almost fainted with fear. He retrieved it slowly. I stayed there for a moment while the robotic bees flew by. I knew it was going to kill lots of other people but I couldn’t do anything about it. Then I ran back. I did not know how long I was running because at  that moment I woke up. My first thought was, is it still out there?

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