The hottest new players

Adanan januzaj

Adanan Januzaj


Adnan Januzaj is one of the youngest winger to have played for Manchester United.

His national team(Belgium) are very proud of him and they think he will be a big star.

Liverpool have a lot of competition because the reds have Falcao,  Januzaj and Di Maria.

Man U quoted that he played his best against Cambridge and they will beat them at the next game.

By the way, Man U stink. Shame on you Mr Devlin.



Falcao was loaned to Man United for a whopping £43 million. He is named after a Brazilian legend and has skills like him.

                                                       Interesting fact

  Falcao earns 50p a second. His weekly wage is an astonishing £330,000 pounds a week.




 Di Maria is a both a Argentina and Man U midfielder and has  scored 3 goals in 3  appearances.

Angel Di Maria is a  record premier league signing.

Man United for life.


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  1. Mr Waddington | May 11, 2015 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    well done haseeb
    great work

  2. My favourite out of all of them is Di Maria but I like Falcao as well.

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