Keeping Your Passwords Safe

If you use the same password over and over again, you are putting yourself at serious risk. All it takes is hackers to try the password and email combination in other websites and you could end up losing more than the few minutes it would take you to change your passwords now. So choose a unique password – a phrase perhaps – and use a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols (like ! ? * or £) and upper case letters to ensure that it’s as difficult as possible to guess.

Don’t just rely on a username and password to log in. If your email or favourite social media service offers two-factor authentication, then enable it. Most will send a code to your email or phone that you will need to log in. Just don’t lose your phone. It seems obvious that you should not keep all your passwords safe in one place. After all, if a thief managed to get your login details for that account, you would be open to having every account swiped in one go.

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