kid who would be king (film review.)

The Kid Who Would Be King is a 2019 film about a boy called Alexander. He has to take down an evil villian, called Morgana, who seeks the sword in the stone which Alex found when running away from two bullies called Lance and Kay. He was running from them after he beat up Lance to protect his best friend Bedders. A new boy joins the school and it ends up being Merlin, who is a very powerful wizard who helps Alexander Elliot on his journey. Merlin tells Alex about his journey and, at the solar eclipse, Morgana will rise again. He goes on to say that every one who Alex knights, will fight her and when Lance and Kay want finish off the fight he ends up knighting them to help him. Lance wants the sword to himself. When Morgana send up her army to fight them, Lance tries to take the sword, but he can’t lift it so they join up and defeat the army and set off on there journey to Tintagel (King Arthurs bithplace ) where they think the entrance to the underworld. When they arive they buy some armour, by a duplicated spell on their money, which Bedders learnt off Merlin and he used it at the slot machines. When they look for the entrance, it is across the sea so they get to the entrance and try to get in. Lance, Kay and Bedders fight off the vines which try to grab them and Alex goes to see Morgana and defeats her. Well that’s what he thought…  When they know that Morgana isn’t dead, Alex decided to knight all of his school and teach them how to be knights and they prepare a plan and put it into action. I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars for its thrill, and brilliant teamwork I definitely suggest you see it.


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