Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador is a mid engined sport car produced by Italian manufacturer automobili Lamborghini.

The new Aventador isn’t a huge departure from the outgoing murcielago and it’s little sister the Gallardo but it has automatic doors, satnav, a v12 engine. That is remarkable.

The top speed is 217 mph, it’s a unbelievable machine. It cost 250,000 pounds,which is a quarter of a million pounds. People may not be able to afford this, but it’s worth it! I think it is a good car.

Haseeb said ” Alfa romeo have a lot of competition (Alfa romeo is a car company).”

Atif from Year 5 said ” It is my dream to have that car. I’ve seen lots of people drive it,and think how they can afford it.”

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  1. It looks really nice.

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