Lucy’s magical adventure

Lucy’s magical adventure!

One afternoon there was a tall, friendly girl called Lucy. She had a little brother called Manuel and they lived in Germany, with their mum and dad. Although they had really good friends in Germany, her mum and dad wanted to move house to England. Lucy and her brother would have to learn a different language, a new type of writing and they would have to make new friends.

Her mum and dad were inside packing, while Lucy and Manuel were chatting to their friends, Isla, Kevin and Jack, then their mum called” Wir Müβen gehen!”(we need to go) they said “Tschüss” (Bye) to their friends and hugged them. They then rushed to the car and jumped in and they waved to their friends as they drove away.

They arrived at their new house and they all went to explore their rooms. Lucy’s room was an ombre pink, blue and purple, it had glossy white units, a 43″ tv and a sky blue couch. Lucy jumped onto her unicorn patterned quilt and drifted off to sleep.

A few months had passed, Manuel and Lucy were now enjoying going to school, they had already learnt some English and made new friends. One day when Lucy was playing in their back garden with some of her friends from the other houses they got bored after an hour so they decided to go into the old rusty shed. On the outside, the shed looks small but on the inside, it looks as if it will go back forever. While they were looking for something to play with something caught their eye. Something black, something enchanted. They realised that it was a porthole, it howled as it put the children in hypnosis as they drew nearer to the bright light.

As they slipped down the blue slide they no longer had legs but had magnificent tails, they had turned into mermaids. Lucy’s magnificent tail shimmered so much it was like the sun gleaming down upon the clear blue sea, it was blue purple and had a sprinkling of baby pink. Evie’s tail was so beautiful Lucy couldn’t look in case she ruined her delicacy.  Dolly had the most amazing tail it had nearly all the colours of blue you could ever imagine. When they got the hang of swimming about with their tails, another mermaid bumped into them. She introduced herself as Princess Starlight, she warned them about a dangerous situation. The coral on the sea bed was dying and she needed their help to save it before the poison that had got on the coral gem destroyed everything and everyone. She told them the Queen of the Sea had already sadly been killed by the horribly infected coral.

They looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do to help Princess Starlight. Luckily Princess Starlight had a plan and she explained what she needed them to do. She told them to go to over through the Sea Shell Bay, past the mermaid village and over the area where the sharks hang out to get to the King of the Sea’s hideout where they could get some potion to cure the coral. They knew we had to be very careful especially when crossing over the sharks hang out. Princess Starlight could see the fear in their eyes and she asked us if they were up to the challenge. They knew we should help to save sea life, it was as if that was what they had been sent to do.

Without a second thought, we set off on our way, following Princess Starlights instructions. We went over sea shell bay, this was a struggle as there were so many different types of seashells and some were really sharp. Then we went past the mermaid village which was easier as none of the other mermaids noticed us. Passing the area where the sharks hang out was also tricky but our gleaming mermaid tails shone in the shark’s eyes blinding them and leaving them momentarily frozen to the spot. Eventually, we arrived at the King of the Sea’s hideout. We searched and searched for the potion and finally, we found it and quickly headed back before the King appeared.

They made it back to Princess Starlight without any trouble and she quickly took the potion off us and she swam as fast as a lightning bolt into the Palace and poured the potion onto the infected coral gem which cured the coral immediately. All the sea life was now safe and free from danger.

Princess Starlight invited us all to a special ceremony for her becoming the Queen of the sea. They enjoyed it very much but then they realised that we had to return to the real world before their parents missed us and became worried about them. Princess Starlight agreed that they should return home and she made them a porthole to disappear back into. As they slid down the slides slowly their magnificent tails began to disappear and their beloved legs returned. They were soon back in Lucy’s garden shed.

They had an amazing experience having mermaid tails but they missed home and our parents. They got home safely and just in time for tea.
































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