Lush Intergalactic Review.

Hi, this time on FabMag my article is about Lush but a review on one of their bath bombs. First of all if you don’t know what Lush is, it is a store with bath bombs, shower gels, hand and body lotions and much more creative things! So without further a due let’s get on with the review…

So a couple of weeks ago I used this bath bomb and it was great! I plonked it in the bath, next it started to fizz up with a beautiful blue. A couple of minutes later all sorts of colours seemed to be spiralling out of the bath bomb, pink and yellow. It was one of the best bath bombs I had ever used! Of course I had to take lots of photos to capture this bewildering sight. I hopped in and the smell of it was absolutely adorable, I could have stayed in it for ages. Then I noticed that it had lots of glitter in because it was obliviously reflecting on the light at the top. Lots of the glitter went on to my skin, which i thought was marvellous because I LOVE glitter. When I  had this bath it made me feel like I was in a galaxy in space. I would definitly purchase this bath bomb again because it was a colourful and delightful bath bomb!!!!!

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  1. J McGuinness | May 5, 2017 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    I’m going to buy one to try it out. Great review Elle.

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