Ma Long

Ma Long is ranked numberĀ 6 in the whole world and he is the world champion and he is the Olympic champion(2012 and 2016) in table tennis.

Date of Birth: 20th October 1988


Weight: 70kg

Born in: Anshan, China

Ma Long started playing table tennis at the age of 5 and at the age of 18 the became the youngest world champion. In the 2016 Olympic Games, he won two gold medals(singles and team events). In 2007, he defeated Ma Lin(ranked number 1) and He is a world-renowned Chinese table tennis player. In late 2014. he was ranked second in the world. He has been ranked number 1 for 64 months and the team he has played is theĀ Chinese National Team. His grip is the shake hand and he is an amazing wing attacker. Despite how good he is, he didn’t get a medal in the London 2012 Olympic Games single event and he won a world single Championships. The 2012 Men’s world cup is Ma Long’s major title.

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  1. How interesting Hengda. I’d never heard of him. Do you like table tennis?

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