Maisie’s guide to having a big family

As most of you know I have a really big family.This means a lot of chaos, so lets get on to the first tip:

  1. Always try to stay in a good mood – if you don’t things will go down hill.
  2. Make sure you’re nice to your siblings e.g compliment them and help them.
  3. If you want to invite your friends over make sure you allow them to join in.
  4. Try to visit your family as much as you can – the closer ones ; don’t go travel to Spain for instance after school (:
  5. Be as helpful as you can even if you find it hard.
  6. If you have two families like me try to arrange to see them every weekend or two.
  7. If you go on a day out have fun with everyone don’t feel like you have to take care of everything ( let the adults do that ).
  8. You can’t always have attention so don’t try to get it all the time.
  9. Even though you might have fall outs always apoligise.
  10. Have a good time and spend time with your family.

Thank you for reading this article as this is my last Fabmag one.

Hope you will take on board what you have read and bye!

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Maisie Shaw
Hi I am Maisie. I'm 11 years old. I like dancing, being with my bffs, clothes , shoes , shopping, pets and most importantly Fabmag. I don't like spinach, being told off , annoying people , bullies and being filmed. My bffs are AMAZING!

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