My awesome school life.

School, a place where you play and learn, I’m about to tell you my vision of my school life. Where should I start? I’m an average person, a little bit bad and a little good.

I know a lot of goody two shoes in my class. For example Jasmine I, she is really smart but she always gets on with her work, which is good, but I don’t like it. Alysia, she does everything she’s told, she’s smart to but I don’t like it either.

Some bad people. The people who never try, get told off ALL the time, Elliot Hale, a class clown who tries to act hard but gets what he gets for example if he’s talks, amber, if he talks again…RED! And red = DETENTION!!! Finley Flaherty, he is one of my best friends but he is a little bad as well. He got detention for a WEEK! Maybe I should be the opposite of him.

I love year 5 anyway! Because…SCHOOL TRIPS! We have had like 5 or 6 trips already! And we still have our residential! Year 5 is AWESOME! So I cant complain! But, next year is… year 6. SATS!!! You know what? I don’t care! School is the best! Playing with friends, playtime, learning new things and  going on trips! I LOVE SCHOOL! So if you’re reading this article, don’t complain about school. We are lucky to have an education, we are lucky to be at school! If you’re reading this, I’m no nerd, I just love school. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people don’t have an education, some people can’t go to school, so think about how lucky we are.

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