My Bonfire Night

The black sky, there in front of me. I was waiting for all the fireworks, but they all started later. The heat from the humongous fire warmed my rosy cheeks and the mouth-watering smell of pie and peas sneakily drifted up into my nose. All of a sudden I was startled by a loud BANG! The fireworks had begun. Bulging full of colours and lighting the sky with its sparkles then drizzling from the black sky next, disappearing! I dreaded the loud noises from the fireworks, so I had to cover  my ears with my black, fluffy gloves I had on my hands, but I still watched the fireworks in the sky. There was a vibrant array of fireworks in the sky, they shot up from the ground. The shimmering, vivid, radiant and bewildering display probably amazed all of the others that were there. I loved bonfire night it was phenomenal!

Watch the video to see 2015 New Years Eve Firework display!

3 Comments on "My Bonfire Night"

  1. I cant wait for the next years eve bonfire desplay

  2. I love bonfire night. I can not wait.Nice piece of writing!8

  3. This is really good. You used a good variety of descriptive language! Well done!

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