My Brother Oliver’s and my Sister Aimee’s Dancing Concert

On Friday the 22nd March I attended the Bingley Dance studio dance concert. I watched Oliver and Aimee. It was brilliant.

The Monday class dancers opened the show with the Greatest Showman. Aimee was in the tiny tots class her first dance was called Superstar. Aimee tried her best and was stood dancing right at the front of the stage with a big smile on her face.  The 5th dance which was line dancing was boring and I could have fallen asleep.  Aimee’s next number was superheroes. She wore a leotard a cape and an eye mask to show she was a superhero and to hide her identity. Oliver danced It’s A Kind Of Magic, he had a great time doing this dance. Aimee’s next dance was Dreams, which was fantastic, she wore a pretty-pink bow, it was beautiful on Aimee’s hair. It’s My Life was Oliver’s next dance, it was good and he is a brilliant dancer. Quoted by my brother Oliver ‘This was hard the hardest dance, but we got through it in the end.’ The final dance of the half was A Tiny Tots Choice, it was favourite dance of them all because it was BABY SHARK! Me and my Dad was dancing away to the song. This was my sisters favourite dance. I think it was everybody’s favourite dance.

My brothers next number was Enough is Enough. Quoted by my brother ‘This is my favourite dance out of them all and I loved it all.’ That was my favourite dance that my brother did. The final dance my brother did was Street Mix, which he did street dancing and it was great.
Then there was a finale. They got everyone on the stage and we applause them all and it was my favourite dance concert that my brother and my sister have done. It was sad at the end because my brothers dancer was leaving and they all told us about Leon and two other girls.

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  1. Elouise spencer | May 16, 2019 at 1:27 pm | Reply

    I really liked it, good job Bradley!

  2. Your song is very funny and it’s an amazing article.

  3. Nice work Bradley, and to your sister and brother, well done!

  4. I really like it .

  5. Interesting good to know.

  6. I like how you added a song in Bradley.

  7. Oliver and Ammie are really good dancers.

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