My experience in Fabmag (Poem)

Fabmag is the place to be,
A place full of:
Joy, laughter and glee.

What we do here is all such fun,
Making up poems till we think we’ve done,
Story creatures come alive,
Some whisper tales, four or five.

Everything is just so creative,
Loving the life that we live,
Oh how beautiful that two schools can bond,    With 100 different ideas and beyond.

Making life such an imaginative  place,

Even with the grammar struggles that we face,

Fabmag is such a great place for children,

As they use the amazing talent they’re given.

Sad to say my time has come to an end,

I will no longer publish, not ever again,

All credits to the incredible Fabmag teachers,

They spotted our talented features.

A memory to cherish forever,

Beginning of a new chapter awaits…





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